Tracey Magill CEO and Founder

Mindscape Industries
(or Tracey Magill, LLC)

Tracey Magill, the founder and CEO of Mindscape Industries, parlayed over 20 years of professional and corporate experience, into various philanthropic endeavors that demonstrate her keen sense of social responsibility. Through these endeavors in the United States, Tracey became aware of the global silent epidemic of Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury. She recognized a great need, and decided to come to the aid of those impacted by these injuries by utilizing her skills, professional experiences, and passion to create Mindscape Industries.

Tracey's life journey, which has stretched across the globe, has enhanced her Mindscape creation by allowing her to draw upon numerous mentors and successful professional experiences from the diverse worlds of Disability Services, Corporate Management, Public Relations, and Fashion/Design.

Motivating her mission for Mindscape Industries, Tracey was determined to offer a valid alternative to the "traditional" services being offered to individuals with disabilities. She secured a location where her vision of a modern, fully equipped and client-friendly Vocational and Life Skills Hub could be created. Guaranteeing the excellence of the Vocational and Life Skills Hub, Tracey recruited the services of the brightest talents within their respective industries to aid her in the attainment and success of her vision for Mindscape Industries.

Tracey's primary desire for Mindscape Industries is to ensure that each client is recognized as an individual who deserves to enjoy a service environment, which is built upon principles of respect, caring, accommodation, and no-blame. Tracey firmly believes that through these principles, and her investments in staff, programming, locations, and equipment, Mindscape Industries will be identified as the leading disability service provider in the United States.

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